Spanish to English medical translation by Dr M Jane Marshall MBChB


Marshall Medical 


Medical advances shouldn’t be limited by language. Marshall Medical Translation offers translation of medical texts from Spanish to English.  All translations are done by Jane Marshall, a British-trained doctor turned translator.


        What do I offer, and how is it charged?



  • Translation of texts from Spanish to English. The majority of translation projects are calculated per source word. That means the number of words in the original Spanish text. Some texts, such as medical reports, will be quoted a fixed fee.​​​​
  • Correction and proof-reading of English texts, normally charged per hour.
  • Additional charges may apply if the original text format cannot be edited, or if the translation is required urgently (rush charge).​
  • Private classes in medical English, either one-to-one, or in small groups. Prices are calculated according to number of students​ and hours.
  • ​All projects are unique, so please contact me for a quote, or to discuss your particular requirements.​
  • I work with both translation agencies and direct clients.

A bit about me...


I studied medicine at Glasgow University, in Scotland. Following graduation, I completed foundation years 1 and 2 (basic British postgraduate medical training) in Devon, England. I worked in haematology/oncology, emergency admissions, general surgery, medical assessment, neurosurgery/neurology, and trauma & orthopaedics.


I subsequently worked in New Zealand, in  various surgical specialties,  including plastic  surgery, orthopaedics, and general surgery. However, I decided to leave clinical medicine in 2012, to pursue my love of languages, and began teaching English to medical and science students in Barcelona. Soon after that I began translating medical texts, and I haven’t looked back!



When I started university, we were told that the terminology we would learn over the coming years would be equivalent to learning a second language. Working in hospitals, I used that terminology on a daily basis. It is that academic and practical experience that helps me understand the medical texts I translate in greater depth. That means that you can be confident you´ll be getting an accurate, appopriate translation, written by a native British doctor. 


I take my work seriously, and work with care, reading around those medical specialties I have not had the opportunity to work in, and aim to deliver the high professional standard I would expect in clinical medicine, applied to languages.